Petoskey Stone Jewelry

Naturally Beautiful

Fashion From The Heart

Petoskey Stone, the Michigan State Stone, is actually a fossilized coral found primarily in Petoskey Michigan. Traces of this fossilized coral are found within 100 miles, but is called the Petoskey Stone because the only 'Petoskey Coral reefs' in the world, are found in the vicinity of Petoskey Michigan. A well shaped, ground and polished Petoskey Stone, is a stunning addition to any setting. The ladies woo over just the sight of our professionally formed and styled Bling. The Petoskey stone is one of the few six-sided fossilized coral in the world.

Our Bling, personally hand-crafted by Joyce, is a most stunning collection of day and evening fashion that catches the heart of every eye. Slip into a setting, and feel its warmth draw many hearts and smiles, and love the fashion you're in.

Our Petoskey Bling is fashioned to make any 'skin you are in,' glow with the life it was meant to present, no matter what you are wearing: 'Or Not.'

The beauty of this corallite radiates from its natural simplicity.

Slip into a setting and notice your radiance. Simply speaking, everyone will feel your presence.

Our designs are all hand crafted for originality: No two are exactly alike. Each stone has its own individual personality.

All new designs in Petoskey Stone rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants, brooches, petoskey beads & charms that are designed to fit the pandora & all speciality bracelets. Also, for the men, tie tacs, cuff links, moneyclips, belt buckles. And so much more...

So pick one and begin. It will become one of your favorites.

~~~~~~~~~ ART & CRAFT SHOWS 2023~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~Lutheran High School~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~WINTER WONDERLAND ~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~Friday& Saturday, December 1st& 2nd 9-4pm~~~~

I will be showing some of my newest collection @ CHERYL ZEMKE'S BOUTIQUE~~~~~2934 BIDDLE ~~~~WYANDOTTE,MI~~~~~~. HOURS MONDAY THRU SATURDAY 11:00am _6:00pm.


I will also be showing my Petoskey Bling Collection between shows in two locations, Wyandotte & Livonia.

If you are looking for unique petoskey treasures, I will be happy to make arrangements to accommodate you at either locations.

So if you are looking for something special for Birthdays, Weddings, or any occasion ; just give me a call.

Also, I would love to make something beautiful out of your own found petoskey treasures.

If you have any special requests for personal designs or inquiries for upcoming events, Joyce can be reached directly @ 248-470-6752.

We want to thank everyone who stopped by to see us throughout the years. It has been a pleasure to show our collection and hear such wonderful memories about the petoskey stone.

Bring your ideas, they are always an inspiration.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon.

We search and find our stones and personally hand craft each piece in our collection.

All made in Michigan